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Balkonkraftwerk 600w: Functions of PV system

Small Solar systems can be installed on balconies to generate electricity. It’s made up of a solar panel and a mini inverter that may be connected to a home’s electrical grid. The solar connector should be used to connect the inverter to the solar module’s substructure rather than the other way around. Battery connector on the inverter connects the ac cable directly to the corresponding socket. The Wieland feed-in socket, which is included in the scope of delivery if selected, can be connected to the standard Schuko socket.
It is not necessary to make any adjustments to the residential power grid in order to integrate the solar power generated. The equipment in your home will use local electricity first, and then mains power if necessary, if it is available.

The ideal worry-free home package

The installation of a balcony power point is beneficial for any home that has a flat roof, terrace, or balcony. The following varieties of plug-in solar power plants come highly recommended by us.
priwatt’s priFlat Duo balcony power plant utilizes two semi-cellular solar modules to generate up to balkonkraftwerk 600w of electricity that may be fed into the residential power grid. This model is virtually indistinguishable from the Yuma Flat model in terms of its functionality. It’s not about how much you spend, but what you get in return! Priwatt is able to take care of registration with the grid operator and the market master data register in an easy and seamless manner.

What are the next steps?

The plug-in solar energy plant modules are designed to capture the most amount of photovoltaic power by orienting themselves so that they face southeast at an angle of 36 degrees and in an area free of shade. However, a steady return is attainable even in circumstances where the location is not particularly ideal. The following options are available in order to position the modules in the most optimal manner:
  • On the balcony, an attachment to the exterior grille is commonplace in this particular area.
  • Using certain hooks, a roofer secures the modules to the tiles while they are in place on the roof.
  • For the backyard, there are photovoltaic modules that are already ready to be installed and offer assistance.

Is there an adequate amount of solar energy in Germany?

Absolutely, all the way up in the north! Every year, the sun’s rays generate 2,200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power per square meter over the Sahara. It ranges from 900 to 1,200 kWh in Germany. Additionally, photovoltaic cells produce more power when used in environments with lower temperatures. A large number of municipalities offer a web-based photovoltaic cadastre that exposes the total photovoltaic power yield of each individual residence.

Verifying regulatory compliance

Furthermore, no approval is needed if the system’s output does not exceed 600 watts. No matter how efficient the photovoltaic cells are in theory, it is the inverter’s output that is the deciding factor. The Federal Network Agency and the local grid operator must also be notified while operating a photovoltaic installation. This may generally be done informally by most network operators, who have a quick form for verifying regulatory compliance.